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Course Programme


Every morning the children attend 3 lessons: One individual lesson, which takes place in groups of 3, in which each child is taught for 15 minutes, with the other two children watching. 

And two group lessons (only one group lesson per day for pianists), into which the children are divided according to their progress in the Suzuki books.

The afternoon is basically free, voluntary additional offers are:

  • Fiddle, from level book 1, free of charge, open air concert at the end

  • Orchestra, (only in summer), for an addtional charge. The level in the orchestra is from book 4 onwards in consultation with ones own instrumental teacher. Every year the orchestra works on a program with soloists, which is presented in a concert at the end of the week.

  • Additional individual lessons of 35 minutes each for an additional charge.

For advanced students (from book 5),  there is the possibility to register for the Masterclass with a renowned teacher. Lessons take place every other day and last 50 minutes per student.

For new beginners (e.g. little siblings) there is a Pretwinkle group every morning, in which there is singing and clapping and the first steps on the violin are learned.

Parent Talks take place in the early evenings, in which a Suzuki teacher talks about a topic like practising, the Suzuki philosophy, communication and more.

Before dinner, the children have the opportunity to perform a piece as a soloist (with piano accompaniment) in one of the Mini Concerts. Register for the Minic Concerts at least one week before the start of the course.


At the end of the camp, all participants perform in the Final Concert - 70 children from 8 nations together on one stage: an unforgettable experience!

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