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Anna-Carin Sundén

Anna-Carin grew up in Enhörna, south of Stockholm in Sweden. She studied violin at the Academy of Music and Drama at the University of Gothenburg, where she graduated with a master´s degree in Music education. Her violin teachers were amongst others Lisbeth Vecchi and Oyvor Volle. Anna-Carin started to teach early and fell absolutely in love with the Suzuki method. After studies in Sweden and Denmark with Sven Sjögren, Shannon Hawes and Jan Matthiesen she became a certified Suzuki Teacher.

Anna-Carin lives in Växjö in Sweden where she has founded and built up a Suzuki program starting as a private studio in 2006. The program has successfully grown and is since several years an appreciated part of Växjö Kulturskola with the tiny beginners up to highly advances students.

She loves to play and teach chamber music and is the conductor and leader of Växjö Kulturskolas kammarorkester. Together with her husband Mårten Sundén she has built up a regularly collaboration project between the student orchestra and the professional orchestra Musica Vitae in Växjö. Anna-Carin has arranged several workshops and music summer camps in Sweden over the years. In 2023 she was the musical director of Sweden National Suzuki Workshop, in Jönköping.


In 2022 she was honored with the pedagogic price of Växjö Kommun for her work with violin students and string players at Växjö Kulturskola. Anna-Carin represented Sweden at the international Esta -conference in Porto in 2020 with her speech “Teach without words”.

In 2023 she also received the Pedagogic price from ESTA Sweden (European String Teachers Association, Sweden)


Anna-Carin is a Suzuki-mother of two almost grownup children and has a complete String Quartet at home with her husband and children when everyone is around!

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