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The aim of the International Music Summer School is to bring children and young people together with their families in a one-week course in Interlaken through music. We offer courses for the youngest in early instrumental classes (group classes only) through to teenagers, for their parents and for interested music teachers. Course venue is Interlaken, Hotel Artos. holiday region Interlaken

Course programme



Suzuki philosophy

Years ago, Shinichi Suzuki based his teaching on the motto “every child can”. Our workshop is also based on this: every child who knows the repertoire is welcome, from the highly gifted to children with disabilities.

Every child learns their mother tongue, no matter how "difficult" it is, because they hear it from birth, even in the womb. Later, it gradually learns to express itself through imitation and constant repetition. The children also learn music in the same way, first by listening and imitating and only later by reading music, just as with language, reading is only done at school age. As a result, the children play free of fear and pressure and feel safe both in a group and when performing solo. Renowned soloists such as Julia Fischer, Hilary Hahn and Vilde Frange have started with this method. The main aspect, however, is to support the children in their personality development through the music and to give them self-acceptance and self-confidence. By attending both modules, individual and group lessons, the individual as well as the social component is promoted. In addition, friendships develop between the children and the parents that last for years.

Patronage Committee

Our project is supported by a patronage committee of established professional musicians:

Aurélie Banziger                 (Violin Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich)

Rahel Cunz                          (2nd concertmaster of the Musikkollegium Winterthur)

Cathrin Kudelka                  (Violin Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich)

Egmond Rath                      (solo double bassist Musikkollegium Winterthur)

Stefanie Stamm                 (music mediator Musikkollegium Winterthur)

Michael von Schönmark    (solo bassoonist Tonhalle Orchestra Zurich)

Frauke Tometten                (2nd solo viola Zurich Chamber Orchestra)



Violin/viola, cello, piano, early instrumental beginning (Pretwinkle)

Planned: guitar, flute


Become a member:
Membership fee: CHF 50/year


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