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Harold Debusschere

Harold Debusschere started his musical studies at the music academy of Diksmuide (Belgium) with Mr. Pol Dequecker at the age of 8.

Later, he was taught by Hilde Van Keer at the humanities art school in Brussels.

At the Royal Conservatories of Brussels and Ghent, he obtained first prizes in solfège, violin and chamber music, as well as the pedagogical certificate of teacher for violin and chamber music with Mr. Etienne De Lombaert, Georges Octors, Paul Malfait and Dirk Vermeulen.

He received his master's degree in violin from Mr. Michael Kugel at KMC Ghent. He also followed the teacher training course, where he graduated magna cum laude.

He currently teaches violin, instrumental ensemble, group music, CML, chamber music and orchestra at the academies of Diksmuide and Torhout.

He was active for 10 years in the New Flemish Symphony Orchestra. His knowledge and style of early music was acquired with the Prima la Music chamber orchestra conducted by Dirk Vermeulen.

His preference, however, is for the light-classical genre and salon music. He was concertmaster of salon orchestra Panache for many years, member of salon ensemble Foscolo and violinist of trio Graffiti for more than thirty years.

He also took the "Suzuki violin" course with Mr. Wilfried Van Gorp and passed the 5 levels.

He also obtained the diploma of teacher CML "Children's Music Lab" with Elena Enrico (Italy).

He also followed the course Lullaby for children from 0 to 3 years with Elena Enrico.

At the moment he also teaches the little ones of the day care center in Keiem (0 to 2.5 years), all toddlers and preschoolers of the elementary school W'Ijzer in Diksmuide and de Korenbloem in Torhout.

His greatest passions besides making music are gardening and walking. He already walked from Belgium to Santiago de Compostella and to Jerusalem.

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