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Ewa Toisk

Ewa Tosik was born, raised and educated in Poland. Graduating from the instrumental department of the Academy of Music in Krakow with a Master of Arts degree, her playing career ensued, with the Polish Radio and Television Orchestra, the Krakow Phiharmonic and varios chamber ensembles. With these ensembles Ewa Tosik toured extensively, with concerts in almost all European countries, as well as Japan.

Ewa Tosik has lived in Iceland since 1992. On her introduction here to the Suzuki Method, she commenced studying under the direction of Lilja Hjaltadóttir and later with Jeanne Janssen from Belgium. She became an ESA violin teacher trainer in 2006 and my adventure as a Suzuki violin teacher and teacher trainer since then has gone from strength to strength.
Ewa Tosik is a full time member of staff at the Suzuki Music School in Reykjavík. As well as teaching the violin at the school, from the beginners level throughout all the Suzuki books, she conducts one of the school orchestras and is involved in chamber music and masterclasses. She has participated as both a teacher and ESA examiner at Suzuki courses in Belgium, Poland. Finland, Iceland, Switzerldand and the Faroe Islands.  

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